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TICK Removal

We ensure 100% ticks removal from your dogs and home in single procedures itself. Our procedure and technique is one of the best in the world. Our dedicated professional groomers under vet care with the kits & technique of dipping bath will completely removes tick on your pet dogs. Our groomers by using machinery and spray will make total eradication of ticks at your home. We ensure Tick removal in our hostel for dogs with great care and caution to get total relief from the menace of blood sucking ticks from the tick borne dogs & cats.we are specialised in tick treatment,tick control,tick fever,tick problems,grooming for dogs,dog boarding,pet kennel,dog kennel

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Search your dogs for TICK

tick removal in chennai
  • Legs
  • Between his toes and pads of his feet
  • Under his legs (armpits), belly, chest, and tail
  • On top of, inside, and under the ears
  • Face and on the crown of the head
  • Chin & Gum
  • The front of the neck

TICK Access

  • Migrates to Fur, Skin, Ear or Even Cloth of Human
  • Grasps the Skin and Cuts into the surface
  • Inserts its feeding tube
  • Secrete a cement like substance to hold on dog
  • Secrete saliva with anesthetic properties to avoid sense of feeling
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TICK Life Cycle

tick removal in chennai
  • 3 years life span
  • Lives up to 12 months without Food (Blood)
  • Lives on Dog, crawl upward around your home
  • Lives by blood sucking
  • Lays 2000+ Eggs

Disease caused by TICK

  • Anemia
  • Tick Fever
  • TBD – Tick Born Diseases on Dog and Human
tick problem for dogs

TICK Removal kits

tick removal in chennai
  • Tick Powder
  • Tick Shampoo
  • Tick Soap
  • Tick Spray
  • Tick Collar
  • Spot On Treatment
  • Tick Injection by vetnerian
  • Tick Picker
  • Dipping Medicinal Bath by professional groomer
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Tick Removal

tick problem for dogs


tick treatment for dogs

Tick Removal